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Draugur Dice

Gilded Statement (7-piece set)

Gilded Statement (7-piece set)

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7-piece sharp edged polyhedral resin dice set for tabletop RPGs, featuring a transparent shimmery base, gold foil flakes and opaque white swirls. Inked in black.

These dice are handmade, and as such, might have small imperfections such as microscratches, tiny bubbles on the surface, patched up surface bubbles, inclusions touching the surface or inking inconsistencies due to the way the paint dried. These have no effect on the balance or the playability of the dice, they’re purely cosmetic. Also note that these pictures were taken in a lightbox. We aim to depict every set as close to their actual color as possible, but the color might also vary in appearance on different screens. Please keep this in mind when you purchase.

Notable flaws: Pinhead surface bubbles on the 1 face of the D6 and a small surface bubble on the 1 face of the D20 (barely noticeable).

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